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David Olmstead

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Updated March 30, 2021.

Now available on the Google Play Store.

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Updated March 30, 2021.

Now available on the App Store.

Privacy Policy

Preface: An ode to data collection.

The Calgary Guide app is still in its early days, and as such we are trying to determine how our users use the app so that we can make it better. Lots of mobile applications work this way, as does much of the software that we all use in our daily lives. As developers, we follow certain rules to make this practice safe and enable our community to create better products for our users. This privacy policy is our contract with our users that sets the rules that we promise to follow in order to protect your safety, security and anonymity.

What information do we collect?

We collect the following data:

  • How many times each slide is accessed.
  • How many people have installed the app.
  • How often people open the app.
  • What countries the app is being accessed from.
  • Crash information.
  • User feedback.

We never collect the following data:

  • Personal, identifying information such as name, address or phone number.
  • Location information, either where you currently are or where you have previously been.
  • Individual usage data, for example which slides an individual person looks at, or searches for.

How do we use this information?

We use this information to decide what directions to go in future changes to the app. For example, if lots of people are using the search function, then we might spend more time making it work better. If people are experiencing lots of crashes, then we need to investigate what's causing them and push out a fix. Another important part of our analytics collection is knowing that people are actually using the app. The Calgary Guide receives support from the Cumming School of Medicine for its big-picture logistics and direction, and knowing that this app is successful makes it easier for the university to work with the app developers.

What information do we share?

The information that we collect is shared with the Calgary Guide editors and certain affiliated employees and faculty members at the Cumming School of Medicine. We will never share any of your data outside of the university. We will never share any information with third parties, outside corporations, or government agencies.