David Olmstead

B.Sc.(N)., R.N., M.D.

Project Status

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Now available on the Google Play Store.

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Now available on the App Store.

The Calgary Guide App

Created by Dr. Yan Yu, The Calgary Guide is an internationally respected medical learning reference. A mobile app, developed by David Olmstead, is now available to the public.

Installation Instructions

The Calgary Guide app is now available to the public!


Download the iOS app on the App Store by clicking the link in the sidebar.


Download the Android app on the Google Play Store by clicking the link in the sidebar.

Get it on Google Play

Project Updates

7 Apr 2019

Full app release is now available for iOS and Android.

15 Feb 2019

Initial public beta release of the completely-redesigned, cross-platform app.

29 Nov 2018

Nothing new to report. Project development still underway for early 2019 iOS beta release.

29 Aug 2018

Open beta now available.

7 May 2018

The android test app now has the complete English Calgary Guide.

25 Apr 2018

Early iOS development started.

10 Apr 2018

Open recruitment of alpha testers started.

27 Feb 2018

Closed alpha release available.

15 Feb 2018

Stage I release date moved to spring 2018.

26 Jan 2018

Project is in early alpha. A public release is not yet available.